Our Team and Story

Our Team
Thomas B. Swain
Liz (Swain) Fliegelman
Chris Swain
Web & IT
Our Story

Liz’s Lineup was founded following a lunch conversation shortly before Dr. Swain’s retirement, between Thomas Swain, DDS, his dental assistant, and Liz Fliegelman, his daughter.

  • The lunch conversation focused on the dental assistant’s pending job search. She shared how difficult it was for prospective employees like herself to find the right dentist to match her qualifications, location, salary and desired working hours.
  • Dr. Swain shared how time consuming it was to sort through stacks of resumes with unqualified candidates obtained through online classified ad websites.
  • Liz was surprised to learn that there wasn’t a dental networking list to connect qualified dental employees with the dentists trying to find them like what she has become accustomed to using in her line of work.
  • Liz’s Lineup was created to fill these unmet needs.

We are excited to help you find what you are looking for in a more efficient manner!